Thursday, January 12, 2012

New York City Mom Fighting Cancer Reunites With Abducted Child

New York City Mom Fighting Cancer Reunites With Abducted Child

A New York City mother recently diagnosed with cancer is reunited with her child the day she is expected to undergo chemotherapy. The I CARE Foundation and its attorney network act to assist mother reunite with child.

New York & Seattle (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

Carmen Ubinas, a New York City single mother of two young children who is actively fighting a serious form of cancer and who was expected to begin chemotherapy today in order to save her own life has great reason to rejoice: her eight year old son who was abducted and detained in Washington State last week was returned back to New York this morning due to the swift actions of the International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment Foundation (the I CARE Foundation) attorney Alana Collins-Bullis, and a court order issued yesterday by the Washington State Superior Court in Thurston County (Court Cause Number: 09-3-00292-5).

Ms. Ubinas, who was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer during the Christmas holiday season had initially consented to allow her son to visit with the child's father in Colorado. However, what she did not know at that time was that a plan was hatched to keep the youngest of the two children from her previous marriage. While Ms. Ubimas was undergoing diagnosis and treatment for cancer, her former husband, presently an active member of the U.S. military, filed ex parte court documents seeking to retain the child in Washington State.

With nowhere to turn, Ms. Ubinas turned to renown New York City attorney and I CARE Foundation director Joel Walter for assistance on the evening of January 3rd. Mr. Walter commented, "I was appalled at what I was told. Here is a young women fighting a deadly cancer fight, and all of a sudden she is tossed into the brutal storms of wrongful interstate child detention. This was unthinkable. So, with the immediate assistance of the I CARE Foundation's founder, Peter Thomas Senese, a swift plan of action was created. Part of our action to which Peter Thomas Senese implemented was to seek the assistance of my fellow United States Department of State "Hague Convention Attorney Network" member, Alana Collins Bullis, who practices in Washington and Oregon. Soon thereafter, Alana Collins Bullis filed the necessary appearance documents in Thurston County, Washington on behalf of Ms. Ubinas. Clearly, Ms. Collins-Bullis willingness to act coupled with her extraordinary legal capability says it all: today, Carmen's son is back home in New York, with his mother and sister. And with this horrible ordeal of abduction over, Carmen may now focus on something else really important: conquering her cancer fight, which we are all confident she will."

Carmen Ubinas commented, "The action of Alana Collins-Bullis, Joel Walter, and Peter Thomas Senese is the most wonderful thing that a group of individuals have ever done for me in my life. For Ms. Collins-Bullis, Mr. Walter, and Mr. Senese to come to my, my son's, and my family's immediate assistance is incredible and bespeaks of the caring individuals they are. It is more than appropriate that the foundation is called I CARE because they really do care. I remember Peter Thomas Senese saying to me one week ago from today, 'Carmen, we will get your son home in one week. So during this week, you need to look at this as he being on a vacation, while you have to become a warrior and fight your health fight. And while you do, we will be right by your side and your son will be home by next Thursday.' Well, today is Thursday, and my son is now in New York, and I can now begin my chemo therapy, which I had to delay because of what just happened. And I know I have the support of some amazing new friends. And I can't say thank you enough to Alana Collins-Bullis. What she did in Washington State to make sure my son came home was incredible. She is an angel and I am forever thankful to her and Joel and Peter."

I CARE Foundation director Peter Thomas Senese, and the author of numerous books and studies on abduction, including the recently released novel inspired by his own experience dealing with international abduction titled 'Chasing The Cyclone' added, "I am very happy for Ms. Ubinas, her son, and their family. I am also satisfied to know that the foundation along with Ms. Collins-Bullis and Mr. Walter were able to help this loving mom. It is my hope that this ordeal is over, peace will prevail, and Carmen returns to great health because there is a young boy and girl who need their mother. And clearly, it is cases like Carmen's where lawyers have the ability to make a major difference in the lives of targeted children and parents. In cases of parental child abduction, typically the targeted parent doesn't see it coming. I am really glad to know we were able to help her and her family."

Alana Collins-Bullis added, "I am deeply satisfied to know that this young child will be returned home to his loving mother who has raised him and who is the child's primary care-giver. It is my hope that this will never happen again, and equally, that the stress Carmen had to incur due to this experience will not have any impact on her medical issues she is now facing. I am also pleased to be a part of the I CARE Foundation's network of attorneys who are willing to help in cases such as this. The wrongful removal or retention of a child is a harmful act."

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