Saturday, June 22, 2013

How To Stop International Parental Child Abduction and the Wrongful Detention of a Child

Each summer, thousands of clever child abductors will commit the crime of international parental child abduction by creating a scheme to legally travel with a child to a foreign country and then not return them to their home country, often violating either a court order, the rights of custody from the other parent, or both. 

Under the Hague Convention, the wrongful detention of a child is abduction.  Under most countries' laws, this is a criminal act of kidnapping.

The reality is that wrongful detention of a child under the rules of the Hague Convention appears to be the most common form of abduction. Parents need to know and understand the risk factors associated with allowing a child to travel abroad and act proactively to protect them.


Unfortunately, there are many abduction defenses that are implemented as part of an abductor's strategy to have a court sanction their act of kidnapping.

There is no question abduction is complicated.  Especially for someone who first experiences the betrayal and fraud associated with abduction.

Recently, the I CARE Foundation launched a very unique abduction prevention tool: one that has never before been created.  It is a universal international travel child consent agreement that was created to remove possible legal defenses associated with an abductor's scheme to wrongfully detain a child abroad.

Please visit the I CARE Foundation to receive a copy of the international travel child consent agreement or to learn more about the criminal act and schemes of parental child abduction.

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Peter Thomas Senese

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  1. This is going to help so many people. Bless you!